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Week of June 6 Night Sky: See Jupiter’s Colorful Clouds

Cluster Sandwich. A great observing challenge will present itself on June 8 as darkness falls. Look for the waxing crescent moon low in the western sky and, using binoculars, hunt down two pretty star clusters pinned above it. Even using modest magnification, you should be able to see amazing details in

Week of May 30 Night Sky: See Saturn at Its Best

Mars Close Up. On May 30, Mars reached its closest proximity to Earth in over a decade, and it will remain an amazingly bright star-like object in the eastern evening sky for the next couple of weeks. At times our two worlds can be on opposite sides of the sun and be

This Week’s Night Sky: Watch a Parade of Planets

The moon will gather with a colorful ensemble of planets and stars, leading up to the year’s best view of the red planet Mars. The bright star Spica hangs just below the moon as seen from Argentina in 2010. PHOTOGRAPH BY ALAMY Planet Party.  After darkness falls on May 18, look toward the high

See Mars at Its Biggest and Brightest in a Decade

Here’s how to get prime views of the red planet as it gets the closest it’s been to Earth since 2005. Get ready to explore Mars right from your backyard. The red planet is about to swing the closest it has come to Earth since November 2005. And around the same